Ezy Venture LLC was established in 2019 as a family-owned company in Harrington, Delaware. The company members are ambitious and excited to extract cannabidiol, or CBD, from the industrial hemp plant and produce a quality crude extract. In addition, Ezy Venture is proud to support Delmarva farmers by providing a local processing facility for their first hemp growing season. Ezy Venture is the first CBD extraction facility located in Delaware and has the potential to process over 100 acres of hemp annually.

Jen Stark and Bill Rohrer are the principal owners of Ezy Venture. Their partnership combines strengths and passions in the engineering, management, plant science, and small business arenas. Both Jen and Bill have experienced the tremendous benefits of CBD and they want to help others through expanding the industry in Delaware. Bill currently owns AgroLab, a soil and plant analysis laboratory in Harrington, which provides a natural link to the Delmarva farmers who trust Bill and seek his advice daily.


Ezy Venture uses ethanol extraction to separate plant oils, including CBD and other cannabinoids, from the industrial hemp plant. Following extraction, ethanol is recovered and reused in the process. We can process your biomass to a winterized and decarboxylated crude oil, or a full spectrum distillate.  We are taking orders now for the 2020 growing season.  
For more information, please email Jennifer Stark at jstark@ezyventure.com. 

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